GoGA Mission

We strive to create a positive, dynamic, supportive, all-female environment where women are challenged to ride harder and farther. We emphasize a holistic approach towards riding: we want to facilitate your progression towards becoming a confident rider in terms of route, repair, and safety knowledge.

The specifications:

- Ride 20 to 30 miles in 2007, 25 to 35 miles in 2008

- Quick pace (we don't want to be out all night)

- You will feel most comfortable riding a road bike

- Although we always look out for each other, you are responsible for knowing your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with long distance, the mechanics of your bike, or the pace is too quick, speak up!!! We will try to accommodate you if you are willing to push yourself.

East Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Scoops (712 N. Heliotrope @ Melrose, Los Angeles)

West Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Bikerowave (1816A Berkeley St @ Nebraska - North of Olympic, Santa Monica)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tuesday August 21st

Thie week: a ridearc inspired san gabriel valley route.

2 opportunties to join the ride:

1 - scoops (melroes and heliotrope) at 8.30 pm

2 - union station (main entrance off almeda) at 9pm



Tattiya said...

I'm sympathic for the westsiders, I would be down to meet anywhere that would be convenient for the people that have to ride the farthest. :)

Alice said...

San Gabriel Valley ride! Yay! Nobody ever does nuttin' out my way (where the 60 and 605 meet near SGRT and Whittier Narrows Recreation Area)

Anonymous said...

signe, are you thinking of reserved|revealed (the one through la canada)?

meeting point off a gold line station is best for me. omg, i might actually make it out for once.


signe said...

no, the one i was thinking was nov 05, real deals and wannabes. alex graciously posted the route for me (it was fuxored when i looked it up).

we could meet in front of union and maybe ladies rolling in from the west could meet up for the trip (satellite ride)?

Katie said...

i will ride from the west if i can find a crew. i'm the the fairfax area, but happy to meet at scoops or in hollywood/silverlake/los feliz. who is in?

signe said...

why don't we meet at scoops at 8.30, roll at 8.45 (seriously), swing by union a little after 9 and roll on from there? does that work?

Tattiya said...

YES! Katie, meet at your house at 8:00ish to roll out to scoops? Hey Signe, what do you think the predicted mileage will be once leaving Union?

Anonymous said...

oh. hi signe. this is linda. this sounds like more fun than pasadena CM. i'll join up with you guys tomorrow at union station at 9. are you guys meeting at the gateway transit plaza end or the main entrance off of alameda?

signe said...

meet at the main entrance to union station off alameda at 9

the route will be about a 17 mile loop back to union

Emma said...

Hi ladies!

Um, can anyone help me out here? I am pretty new to the biking thing. I have a mountain bike and have done some crazy trail riding mostly in the la canada area. But I don't know any ladies who bike and I'm looking to get involved and I don't know what's out there. Are the rides you do for gals with speedy road bikes only or do you have mtn. bikers too? I'm nervous about riding on roads! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

molly said...

My legs are so sore I'm hobbling around (hiked Mt. Baldy on Sunday) and am seriously sleep-deprived (school started yesterday), so I don't think I'm going to join you all tonight. Have fun; maybe next week. Emily, this group does road rides, but I (and probably others) might be interested in doing some mtn biking, though not necessarily for the Tue. night GOGA rides.

Katie said...

Charmaine - organicexpress.com and lovedelivery.com. don't really know much about either.
Girls - fun ride tonight.


Anonymous said...

Charmaine, turns out Tuesday AM would work much better for me -- can you take that morning off instead of Monday?
- Dana

signe said...

The route: (as stolen from ridearc's nov 2005 'real deals and wannabes' ride)


many thanks to alex, gabe and co.

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeah, thanks Katie and Dana for the heads up. Dana - I probably have your cell in an email, i'll txt you; tuesday should work!

Ladies - thanks for a fun ride, see you out there!


Anonymous said...

Charmaine -- hope you have my cell -- but I don't text, so please call (or just post a message here) and let me know that Tuesday 8 AM works for you. Great -- Dana

Anonymous said...

Charmaine it is late Monday night and I still haven't heard from you about tomorrow so I am assuming we are off?????? I'm not sure what to do...