GoGA Mission

We strive to create a positive, dynamic, supportive, all-female environment where women are challenged to ride harder and farther. We emphasize a holistic approach towards riding: we want to facilitate your progression towards becoming a confident rider in terms of route, repair, and safety knowledge.

The specifications:

- Ride 20 to 30 miles in 2007, 25 to 35 miles in 2008

- Quick pace (we don't want to be out all night)

- You will feel most comfortable riding a road bike

- Although we always look out for each other, you are responsible for knowing your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with long distance, the mechanics of your bike, or the pace is too quick, speak up!!! We will try to accommodate you if you are willing to push yourself.

East Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Scoops (712 N. Heliotrope @ Melrose, Los Angeles)

West Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Bikerowave (1816A Berkeley St @ Nebraska - North of Olympic, Santa Monica)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Westside GOGA: Tuesday August 19th

I'm posting the following for Nancy:

This is the route I'm proposing for tomorrow: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2183761

It's about 33 miles, so we need to leave Bikerowave at 8:30 sharp and we'll be doing a good clip (think fast for GOGA). This is definitely going to be road bike/fixie...hybrids and mountain bikes aren't going to be happy. If someone wants to do more climbing than this, we can opt to do Olympic instead of Venice as our East bound street.

Can someone please being a fold up pump? Mine's not arriving for another week. I'll bring a wrench.


diautbot said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi I dropped by tonight hoping to run into you girls, but I guess I missed you. I left a note on the Bikerowave sign. I leant my headlamp to Marisol, "Mari" and it was never returned. If any of you ladies have her number, her email, please contact me. Otherwise, next time you see her, would you give her my contact info? Thanks!

-Jaci June