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We strive to create a positive, dynamic, supportive, all-female environment where women are challenged to ride harder and farther. We emphasize a holistic approach towards riding: we want to facilitate your progression towards becoming a confident rider in terms of route, repair, and safety knowledge.

The specifications:

- Ride 20 to 30 miles in 2007, 25 to 35 miles in 2008

- Quick pace (we don't want to be out all night)

- You will feel most comfortable riding a road bike

- Although we always look out for each other, you are responsible for knowing your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with long distance, the mechanics of your bike, or the pace is too quick, speak up!!! We will try to accommodate you if you are willing to push yourself.

East Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Scoops (712 N. Heliotrope @ Melrose, Los Angeles)

West Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Bikerowave (1816A Berkeley St @ Nebraska - North of Olympic, Santa Monica)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday, April 1st: APRIL FOOLS RIDE

For one night and one night only, the Gods have smiled down upon Tuesday... In a 6-pronged attack of high prankster, gender-bending intensity, (1) this Tuesday fell on April Fools Day, (2) Roadblock was the only guy to EVER ride with GoGA, (3) the fine ass GoGA girls pulled prank #1 by showing up with delightful mustaches, (4) the GoGA girls were upstaged when ToTA (prank #2) stepped on the scene - yes, Tranny on Tranny Action! - thanks to Tren Way BG for representing hardcore with flowers in your hair and some daisy duke dresses, (5) OLDBLOCK in the house representing a future Roadblock surrounded by the lovely ToTA ladies, and (6) mystery prank #3 involving Ritchie and a camera... to be discovered at his will.

The usual GoGA morphed into ToGA (Tranny on Girl Action), GoTA (Girl on Tranny Action), or TWaT (Three Way Tuesday) for the first leg of the ride, rolling through West Hollywood. After the "Ladiezz" were dropped of at the bar, the real GoGA girls plus Roadblock hit the streets for some cold hard sweat. The night ended with a reunion at Pure Luck and drinks - as every good ride should.

Thanks to the new girls that rode tonight, hopefully you will come back!, the fine ass ladiezz of ToTA (Tranny Way BG) for riding in some holla-worthy gear, Oldblock -the ghost of Christmas future, and of course, ROADBLOCK!

More pictures are located at Stevo4's page, Tattiya's Flickr, and Midnight Ridazz.

Original posting:

One time special - Guy&GA:

Calling all ladies - this is your warning - if you don't come out for GoGA any other time, you should come out for this:

Come bear witness to the ONLY GUY to ride with GoGA EVER!! Hell, Roadblock paid a pretty penny at LACBC's Big Bike Love, so ladiezz, we have to show him what we got. Route TBD, but be want a BIG turnout, so it'll probably be short, sweet, and somewhere in the realm of fast. Spectators are welcome, but once we roll out - Roadblock is the only one for us!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Special later meeting time: Meet at 8:30pm - Roll out by 9pm SHARP.

Scoops (melrose and Heliotrope)

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gabe g said...

AAAAAA! That sounds so fun! I can't believe I had to miss it. I was too sick to drag my ass and my bike out on the streets. Here is a message I left the other day on the previous post.

'goga girls!! I was SO BUMMED, I could not make it this week to the April Fool's ride. Unfortunately I was sick with a sore throat, but fortunately I also started a new job which is going pretty well so far. Needless to say I was way to exhausted to ride, but I will be back next week!