GoGA Mission

We strive to create a positive, dynamic, supportive, all-female environment where women are challenged to ride harder and farther. We emphasize a holistic approach towards riding: we want to facilitate your progression towards becoming a confident rider in terms of route, repair, and safety knowledge.

The specifications:

- Ride 20 to 30 miles in 2007, 25 to 35 miles in 2008

- Quick pace (we don't want to be out all night)

- You will feel most comfortable riding a road bike

- Although we always look out for each other, you are responsible for knowing your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with long distance, the mechanics of your bike, or the pace is too quick, speak up!!! We will try to accommodate you if you are willing to push yourself.

East Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Scoops (712 N. Heliotrope @ Melrose, Los Angeles)

West Side Meeting time: Alternating TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm, ride out 8:30pm SHARP.
Location: Bikerowave (1816A Berkeley St @ Nebraska - North of Olympic, Santa Monica)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 22: Earth Day!

Celebrate by riding with GoGA!

Double the garden fun - I don't know if we are able to get into either of these, but we can certainly try!

The Route


Bree said...

where's our observatory picture!?

Sheila Elite said...

Coming right up!

- Tattiya

signe said...

earth day: arboretum? botanical gardens?

Dorothy Kieu Le said...

i would like to go on a ride, but i'm a little intimidated....i have a mountain bike that's ready to go..i gotta fix up my road bike tho...should i wait till i fix my road bike to go on a ride with you?

Tattiya said...

Hi Dorothy Kieu Le,

You are definitely welcome to come and check out the pace any time - I would never actively discourage you from coming to a GoGA ride. However I do want you to be informed.

Tonight we are going to be riding for distance, and at the very least we go about 20 - 25 miles in a night. We do stop for lights, at times wait to re-group, and lately we've been hitting some hills, so that eats up some time and slows the pace down a little, but generally we try to stay within a range of 15-20 mph - conditions willing, faster.

Another way to think about it is could ride from downtown LA to Santa Monica in less than 1 hour relatively comfortably? Then ride back?

About your mountain bike, the only thing I'm concerned with is, (1) can you keep up the pace, (2) are you comfortable changing your gears, and (3) do you have a spare tube - I think you'd be more comfortable riding the street on a road bike, but again if the specifics of this ride match your needs and skills I definitely would encourage you to come!

Elizabeth said...

hi! I was wondering... could I meet y'all when you reach South Pasadena (since I live over there), and join in for that half of the ride?

molly said...

I can't make it tonight; I'm still holed up doing my comprehensive exams and finding a job. After May 6th, my shackles will be removed. I miss riding with you ladies!

gabe g said...

I don't think I can make it tonight. I've been feeling tired and I gotta get up early tomorrow, so I don't think I'll make it home in time from a 35mi ride. HAPPY EARTH DAY, and have a great time!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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